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/ Wednesday, September 25, 2013 / 4 Comments

Bag Necessities

Let me just quickly address the fact that the pushlock on my bag looks like the OVO owl. Because it does, and it's dope, but also weird (as are most of the things I like). Anyway, this is generally what you would find in any bag I'm carrying. I guess you could say that these are my necessities (numerous receipts not photographed).

Starting from the top left, I have my pocket datebook, and of course a pen. I really love making lists, especially when I'm packing. On top of that I just have a little bottle of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre which has been my signature scent for a while now. It's super light and airy which is perfect for me because I subconsciously spray my neck, hijab, and wrist anytime I put on perfume, and no matter how much I spray it's never overpowering or nauseating (except to my friend Fatima because she secretly hates me). Obviously I have my iPhone 5,  which is basically an appendage and I can't go anywhere without it. Then I usually just have whatever pair of sunglasses I'm wearing that day. Under my sunnies is my little heart mirror from the MBMJ boutique. I have like six of these mirrors and can't help but pick one up whenever I'm at a Marc boutique, I have a problem.

Let me just keep it really real, on a normal basis I don't just have two lipsticks in my bag. It's more like four. Or five. Or six. BUT NOT JUST LIPSTICKS, LIPSTAINS TOO, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE OKAY. But for the sake of blog photos and not appearing slightly insane (lol), I narrowed it down to these two Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lip colors in 'Romance' and 'Boy'. They're super easy to apply, smell lovely, require zero precision, and are extremely hydrating. I like to keep at least one neutral color and one bright color at all times. Then I just have my Marc Jacobs card holder, Nivea raspberry rose lip butter, L'Occitane Rose des Champs hand cream, and a box of matches in case I need to light something up YADDAMEANNN.


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