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/ Tuesday, December 24, 2013 / 2 Comments

Favorite Lip Balms

As a self proclaimed hydrating connoisseur, I thought I would share my favorite lip balms with you. It's winter so I know the weather stays messing with your lip game but don't trip, I gotchu. Happy holidays!

DSC_0223 If you're going to get one lip balm, stop reading here. Dior Crème de Rose is my favorite lip balm. It's smoothing, plumping, has SPF 10 and smells like roses (and I'm a sucker cute packaging). As soon as you put Crème de Rose on your lips, you instantly have a perfect pink hydrated pout. I can't be without it. It's more expensive than your average lip balm, but sometimes it's okay to treat yo self.

DSC_0224 Keeping with the rose theme, another alternative is Vaseline Rosy Lips. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Vaseline, and this is basically that, but it's pink with a subtle rose scent. My favorite way to use Vaseline is right before bed. I slather it all over my lips and when I wake up my lips feel so freaking soft. 

DSC_0227 Nuxe Rêve de Miel (honey lip balm) is unlike any lip balm I've tried before. It's one of those products that immediately feels nourishing in the best way, and it's all natural. I really love the texture of this lip balm, it's thick and luxurious and makes you feel v French (always a good thing). This is also great under lipstick because it absorbs quickly and leaves a matte finish while your lips feel smooth and silky.

DSC_0230 I've been using DermStore Lip Quench for many years, I'm almost positive that this stuff is magic. It comes out as this pink thick sticky balm (sounds gross, but it's not I swear), and once you have it evenly distributed on your lips you will see the magic begin. Within minutes your lips have zero visible lines or cracks, they're crazy smooth, and even appear fuller. If I know I'm going to be wearing a super drying lipstick, I put this on before I start doing my makeup and by the time I get to my lips (lips are always last) I dab in whatever balm is still on my lips, and they're perfectly prepped. My only beef is the packaging, I feel like it could be a lot cuter.

DSC_0229 Homeoplasime is literally everything. It's a great lip balm, cuticle cream, makeup primer (especially for dry skin), overnight treatment for irritated skin, wound-healer, EVERYTHING. And it's SO good at everything it does. The hydration this gives you as a lip balm is kinda insane, it relieves dry skin on contact. It has a beautiful velvety finish and it's hypoallergenic, which is always a plus for sensitive-skin-shook-ones like myself.

DSC_0218 And last but definitely not least, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Eight Hour Cream is often compared to Homeoplasmine, which I just mentioned). If you live in a very cold and windy place, this is probably your soulmate. It soothes, protects, rehydrates, and heals virtually every part of your body. It makes such a great lip balm, especially if you like really glossy balms. I also really love using this on my cuticles, on my feet after a long day in heels, and sometimes I'll mix a little bit of it into my hand cream and it is just the best.


  1. got like 10 different lip balms... prolly cost like $25 each too... goddayum... i got like one only that my mama got me... and i manage to lose that shit some freakin way all the damn time... EOS is pretty dope not even goin to lie... i got that shit on lockdown not trynna lose that no mo.... make my lips feel all soft and shit... i got dat pink one... makes me wanna eat that shit... watchu think bout dat gurl???


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