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/ Thursday, April 3, 2014 / 8 Comments

Saturn Song

DSC_0398 DSC_0495 DSC_0565 These photos are from about two weeks ago after a v late brunch with Sheerin. See, the thing is that I hate wasting food. I actually refuse to waste food. And fruit and yogurt are kinda hard/weird to pack to-go... So I forced myself to finish it. It was pure skruggles. So if you were wondering why I looked disgruntled, I wasn't, I was just stupid full. If you didn't notice or if I just always look like that, disregard this. DSC_0592 DSC_0590
photographed by Sheerin Ramalingam

Zara boyfriend jeans, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Madewell denim button down, CĂ©line sunglasses


  1. love this outfit Noor, so laid back :) x

  2. A techy question but how do you find Zara trouser/jean sizing (and compared to Gap's)? Are they true to size or do you usually have to buy a size up/down. I want to order a few pants from Zara online, but am hesitating because I've always found Zara sizes to be extremely small.

    1. Hm. This is a bit difficult. I'm in a size 25 at Gap, XS in Zara women, and size 2 in Zara TRF. Does this help?

    2. Yep, it sure does. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful outfit! for sure in love with those jeans!


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  4. Chic


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