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Sephora Beauty Insider Event

Every year when the Sephora Beauty Insider Event rolls around, I try to prepare myself beforehand so that I'm not as overwhelmed and hopefully attempt to make wise choices (even though I always end up making a few impulse buys). This year I thought it would be helpful to share what I plan on picking up. Also, if you're a beauty addict like myself and happen to have the privilege and shame of being VIB Rouge, you'll actually have two opportunities to shop with 20% off your entire order with code 20FORROUGE. Rouge First Access from November 3-6 (online and in store) and Holiday Bonus (Rouge, VIB, Insider) from November 10-15 (online and in store). VIB save 20% with code 20FORVIB, and Insiders save 15% with code INSIDER15. Happy shopping!


Starting off strong with the things I know I cannot live without (which are obviously a little different for everyone), I try to think of what I realistically need and continue to repurchase. This is where the wisest decisions are made. I always like to pick up a Beautyblender or two since I know I'll definitely get use out of them, Shieseido Facial Cotton because they are the best and I've been loyal to them for 5 years, Marvis Whitening Tooth paste because who doesn't want chic and effective toothpaste, and finally my two holy grail skincare products in life by Sunday Riley (reviewed here). 


Masks are a huge part of my beauty regimen, but sometimes I find the prices a little high considering they aren't being used daily (especially if you're a mask head like me and like to rotate them). I try to get most of my masks when there is some type of promotion going on so that I can justify the sometimes slightly outrageous pricing. My heart tells me that I need all five of these masks below, but hopefully my brain kicks in and I only end up with three of these because five would be ridiculous... Right?


I always pick up one or two luxe items that I wouldn't normally buy, but most luxury items rarely go on sale so one must seize the opportunity! This is basically the best excuse to get that T3 blowdryer or a Tom Ford fragrance. It's basically free! (Yes, this is my thought process)


As much as I love to splurge, I love a good deal, especially when you get an additional discount. Last year I splurged AND simultaneously got an amazing deal on an SK-II set, it was truly exhilarating. Sephora is the kweeeen of beauty deals. This is also the perfect time to pick up gifts for upcoming birthdays and holidays, your friends and family will definitely appreciate it. 


Because who doesn't love a good mini? They're cute, they fit in your purse, and it's the perfect way to test out a product. I know I'll definitely be scooping up a few minis. 


And finally, my list of loves. These are products I have tested and absolutely loved and would repurchase, if you're looking for a new cleanser, lippy, whatever, look no further because they've all got the Noor seal of approval. I have my top five items first, and the rest are in no particular order but all amazing products you will not regret. 

Leave a comment and let me know what you're picking up so we can all enable each other, yay! If you have any questions about any of the items I've mentioned, feel free to ask away! 

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