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In Search Of Perfect Sheets In 2018

I recently decided that I wanted to completely redo my bedroom. New furniture, mattress, pillows, and sheets. I wanted to transform my bedroom into the coziest spot on earth, and I wanted my bed to be even more comfortable than the most comfortable hotel bed. The hardest part had to be finding the perfect sheets, there are SO many options and I quickly learned that I essentially know nothing about sheets. I started my search by Google-ing "best sheets 2018" and a few brands were repeatedly mentioned on different online publications so I decided to take it to Instagram to some of your thoughts. I posted three different brands and asked for feedback and the consensus was clear, Brooklinen was the correct choice to make. I was lucky enough to actually get to work with them and have the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle sent to me along with the All-Season Down Comforter (note: this blog post is not sponsored). This was definitely ideal since sheets can be on the pricier side and I figured if I didn't like them, I could try another brand. But I'm here to tell you, these sheets are the absolute best. 
The only way to describe Brooklinen sheets is buttery smooth. They also are magical and somehow always feel cool to the touch, even though I live in Florida and it's the Summer I'm completely comfortable under my flat sheet and duvet. Speaking of the duvet, it's literally the best. I feel like I'm at the nicest hotel every night. If you want to treat yourself, get yourself some luxe Brooklinen sheets and thank me later. Brooklinen was kind enough to give me a code 'NOORE20' for $20 off your order + free shipping (this is not an affiliate code meaning I don't make any commission off your order, I just wanted to save you guys some money). 

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