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Selecting Furniture That You Wont Get Sick Of

It's crazy that I've been living at my new place for a little over nine months now, but it's finally coming together quite nicely if I do say so myself. When it comes to buying furniture, I'm kind of insane. I need to see every single option available of whatever it is I'm looking for, I want to find something that's unique but also timeless so I won't get sick of it in a few months or years. I've really been taking my time selecting the right pieces, and I feel really good about it (even though it's super tempting to just buy everything at once). When Apt2B told me I could pick out any pieces that I wanted, it was honestly such a dream. When I clocked the Nora Swivel Chair in Evergreen Velvet I immediately knew that I needed it. It's even more plush and luxurious in person (seriously, photos don't do it justice) and it SWIVELS. I am an adult and I know I should not be this amused by a swiveling chair, but if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am totally obsessed with this chair and the fact that it swivels. Not only is the swiveling fun,  I find it to be very functional since I have relatively limited living area space so it's very convenient to readjust as needed. I also loved being able to incorporate an Art Deco piece into my living space while still being very modern. The Nora Swivel Chair comes in a ton of colors and fabrics, which I think makes it extra special. 

The second Apt2B piece I chose is the Palmer Upholstered Bed in Mountain Grey with a nutmeg leg finish in the eastern king size. I actually already had a somewhat similar grey upholstered bed at the time, but I wasn't happy with the quality of the bed frame or the height of the headboard (this bed was literally the only impulsive furniture purchase I've ever made and I totally regretted it). I was torn between the Palmer Drive Upholstered bed and the Palmer Upholstered bed which are identical other than the fact that the Palmer has a higher headboard than the Palmer Drive. After thoughtfully assessing and measuring my bedroom space, I decided to go big and I couldn't be happier. It is literally the most gorgeous bed I have ever seen, and it completely transformed my bedroom in the most incredible way. I love that my bed is the focal point of my bedroom, it was super important for me to create a bedroom space that soothed me and was my place to switch into a more relaxed state of mind. I would also like to note that the quality of this bed is next level, you really get what you pay for and I believe that investing in a good bed is a decision you will not regret.

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